Clowns in hospital

Almost all of us have encountered it directly or indirectly. In fact, it was almost self-evident that we should choose this fight as one of the charitable causes we would defend.
But what could we do on our own? Write a cheque to cancer research? “Wow, thanks guys, we’ll eradicate it tomorrow!”

Instead, we wanted to focus on something more realistic, more concrete, something we hoped to have an impact on.

I remembered when I was visiting a relative in the oncology department of Saint Luc hospital, I had to walk past the rooms of children with cancer every day. I would look down at them; I had a mistaken vision of an ambient sadness that must have reigned in those rooms. A false vision. When I had the courage to meet their eyes, I saw only smiles that opposed my sadness, because in reality, theirs simply did not exist.

But what about the women and men who visit them to entertain and amuse them?
In all honesty it’s something that is beyond me, really, perhaps because I simply wouldn’t be able to do it… They do it. People who daily confront the sight of one of the saddest things in this world, for a purely altruistic purpose, fills me with admiration.

Our goal here is not to boast: “Look what we’re doing, we’re really great people”. We just want to take you as a witness. We want you to witness our commitment to donate 1% of the sales of our website to “Clowns in the Hospital”.
That’s all we’re asking you to be aware of.

Thibaut - Founder of Pure Skills CBD

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