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THE brand that FINALLY helps YOU achieve YOUR sportive goals?

Show your fan base how to finally be able to meet the demands of an increasingly stressful life – by wanting to maintain a high level of sports activity. 

Get them an amazing discount and everytime they purchase , you will get a commission of 20% for a lifetime!

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How does the affiliate program work?


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Apply to be part of our partner program and you will get your personal referral link that tracks your audience


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Recommend Pureskills CBD to your fan base and your audience will receive 15% off their purchases.


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Each time your affiliate makes a purchase on our site, you will receive a recurring commission of 20%.

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We give you the best marketing content (posts, emails, videos) we use to engage our community further

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Offer your affiliates a 15% discount.

Offer a unique offer to your audience and, upon purchasing through you, your community will receive a 15% discount.


Earn a 20% recurring monthly income for life.

For life?

Yes, just one dropper of Pureskills CBD a day is all it takes to FINALLY become the best version of yourself. So why stop in such a good way?

When someone purchases through your referral link within 30 days, we send you a 20% commission by wire transfer.

Depending on the purchase value, you will earn between 10€/month and 30€/month per customer for life!

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Who should become a partner?

pureskills CBD entrepreneur


Do you professionally promote products through social networks and website?

sport lovers

Do you have a fan base and want to give them a product that will help them reach their athletic goals?

Who should become a partner?


Do you professionally promote products through social networks and website?

sport lovers

Do you have a fan base and want to give them a product that will help them reach their sportive goals?


your passive income every time you refer Pureskills CBD

Your audience, community, and Fan base will receive 15% off when they purchase with your link

and you will receive a commission of 20% on a recurring basis !


about the affiliate program?

Unfortunately, no. The goal of our affiliate program is to encourage our partners to promote our goods, not to obtain discounts..

We recommend that you purchase with your customers’ computer (if possible). If you buy our goods with your own computer, they will be marked as “self-referral” and you will not receive a commission.

We will not manually add referrals. It’s your responsibility to ensure that they buy our goods through your link. Whenever they purchase through your link, within 30 days, you will earn a commission. You even get commissioned if they buy through our advertising or emails but click on your referral link first. 

Our tracking is based on browser cookies, so if you used a different browser/device than the one used when you visited to sign up, cleared your cookies, used incognito, or signed up from your own referral link, the signup may not be tracked. If you are 100% sure that the registration or sale was not tracked correctly, contact our referral platform provider at [email protected].

The referral cookie is only valid for 30 days. If a consumer purchases the product more than 30 days after their initial referred visit, conversion data will no longer be recorded..

It is therefore important that each month, you indicate in your message your referral link and the appropriate coupon code.

Once a customer has paid, your commission will be listed as “pending” for 30 days in case of a refund or dispute. Once the 30 days are up, your commission will be “due” and will be paid to you via bank transfer during the first week of the month.

Don’t forget to give us your billing address and payment method, as indicated on the homepage.

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